Ebony & Ivory Limousine Hire indemnify themselves from any claims, injuries and/or damages caused by a third party to any persons being transported in any of their vehicles (party busses or limo) before, during or after transfer.

The use of Ebony & Ivory’s vehicles are done so entirely at your own risk.

Ebony & Ivory Limousine Hire cannot and will not be held responsible for any liability what so ever.


Should the Lessee be under the age of 21 the parents or guardians will be required to sign surety in the case of damages or injuries caused by the negligence of the passengers.

No smoking in any vehicle. Fine of R200.00

No use of drugs, no pornography, no sex in the vehicle.

No hanging out of the vehicle or sitting in the frame of open doors, sunroof or windows whilst in motion.

Any illegal activity will result in the immediate cancellation of the trip, without reimbursement.

The owners of the company and the drivers do not accept any liability or responsibility in the company’s name and reputation being harmed or the vehicle being impounded the resolution of the incident as well as the loss of income for the period and all legal costs. The lessee and responsible parties shall be held accountable and responsible for all legal costs.

Route deviations will be charged at R250.00 for the first 10km thereafter R500.00 per stop payable upfront.

Ebony and Ivory Limousines does not accept any responsibility for any passenger that makes alternative travel arrangements from any the point on the agreed route. The onus lies on the passengers to communicate such information at the beginning of the appointment.

No passenger substitutions will be tolerated at any given time during any part of the trip unless we have signed indemnity and prior arrangements has been made.

Broken glasses will be charged at R50.00 per glass.

Vomiting in the vehicle will require a professional cleaning service which will be charged out at R1000.00 payable immediately